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Just took the big step with a wedding proposal?
But what to do now?
However you want to organize the wedding day(s) together, it will be a lot of work ... a not all "day" event ...
... You should always take into account a number of things:Set up a budget plan, booking your location (s) in time, contact suppliers, working out a styling plan ...
This is where a wedding planner can assist you.

From the moment when two lovers have decided to live together as a couple, I can organize, style and coordinate this dream day with you in detail.

Wedding planning from A to Z

Imagine: You want a fine art wedding ...
A romantic wedding worked out in detail in a classy and elegant setting.
But where do you find the right wedding venue, the appropriate suppliers and the custom decoration? What budget should be provided for this?
All this requires an organization that takes time, so it is important that there is a wedding planner that can offer you the best solution.

Tasks Wedding Planner:
- Presentation of wedding venue(s)
- set up abudget plan
- Presentation of wedding suppliers
- RSVP system for the guests
- set up a detailed script
- styling (see also wedding styling)
- coordination on the wedding day(s)

I'm already looking forward to hear your story.

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