Just made the big step with a wedding proposal ... what a wonderful feeling to be engaged!
But suddenly the fear sweat breaks out, how do we have to find the time in our already busy live to plan our dream wedding and we do not have the knowledge for this either.
No panic!...
From the moment two lovers have decided to go through life as a couple, wedding planner and wedding stylist Davy Achten can plan, style and coordinate this dream day with you in detail in his recognizable fine art style.
So the preparations for your wedding will become a party itself instead of a stress period.

Weddingplanning from A to Z

Imagine ... You want a romantic wedding worked out in detail in a stylish, elegant setting.
Wedding planner and wedding stylist Davy Achten helps you from A to Z.
From booking the appropriate venue(s), drawing up a budget plan, carefully selecting trustworthy and high-quality wedding vendors, drawing up a detailed script, creating a concept for the styling of your dream day; he guides you with great passion through this wonderful preparation period.

On the wedding day he is for sure present to do the styling and the coordination for your dream day, so you can enjoy with your guests without worries.

He is already looking forward to hear your story and making your dream day become reality.

photo credit: Elisabeth Van Lent

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